Systems Information

eLeave and DTCsys
ONLY when using LAN (office network) you can optionally use IP addresses as well …
(1) eLeave is on JP-Master and the IP is
(2) DTCsys is on JP-DTCsys and the IP is
(3) After the domain name or IP is a colon (:) followed by the port number – 8080 for eLeave and 8051 to 8055 for DTCsys
Simple verification tool:
Browse to … … and enter the following …
– Your IP address ==> Enter domain name (if via WAN) or IP address (if via LAN)
– Port Number ==> Enter 8080
– Click Check
If response is Closed, then the problem is the JP-DTCsys server.
If response is Open, then the problem is DTCsys application program
Web Mail
URL is
Enter full email address; e.g. ???
Warning: Password is case sensitive … after multiple login failure, account will be locked !

Steps to change mailbox password …
(1) Browse to …
(2) Login
(3) Click on Webmail Home icon (left sidebar, 7th icon from top, above ? icon)
(4) Under options in Edit Your Settings, click on Password & Security
(5) Change your mailbox password
Web Site
Backup Schedule
JP-Master = Mon thru Fri from 10:00 pm to 10:30 pm.
JP-Biztrak = Mon thru Fri from 10:00 pm to 10:30 pm.
JP-DTCsys = Mon thru Fri from 10:00 pm to 10:30 pm.
Note: During these times applications on above servers will not work!
ComputerAnydesk ID / AuthorizaionLogin / Password
JP-Remote-1844 157 337 / JP-Remote-1JP / jp
JP-Remote-3183 440 507 / JP-Remote-3JP / jp
JP-Remote-4996 084 885 / JP-Remote-4JP / jp
#Common Issues with …Problem/Solution
1Windows(1) Search textbox missing (may happen after a Windows update).
From task bar (right-click) –> Search –> Show search box
(2) Windows account problem
This warning appears in the system tray (bottom right of screen) because the same Microsoft account ( is used on multiple desktops and laptops. Either ignore or create your own MS account.
(3) Windows customisation after an update
Report this.
(4) Password expired
Report this. (1) Cannot receive email
Default mailbox size limit is two (2) Gb. Therefore, always perform regular maintenance to delete old emails from Inbox and Trash.
(2) Bounced email
May be due to problem with sender or recipient. To verify, try sending the same email (with attachment, if any) to the same recipient but using a different email account (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail). If successful, then the problem is with the sender (Jetpharma’s mail server), otherwise the problem is with the recipient’s mail server.
3Printer (1) Add new printer
From Control Panel –> Hardware and Sound –> Add Printer –> Select the printer that is “detected” on the office LAN.
(2) Cannot print
Check … paper tray and LAN connection then reboot computer. If still unresolved, then Delete Printer and Add Printer from Control Panel.
4Scan to PCContact Fuji-Xerox support